• Organic materials and corrective materials
  • Bioactivators
  • Biostimulants
  • Anti-stress
  • Defense inductors
  • Biotonics


  • Green-houses
  • Irrigation & ferti-irrigation
  • Weather control & assessment
  • Treatments (watering and phytosanitary)
  • Complements I+D
  • R & D


  • Treatment against Red Palm Weevil plague
  • International Farming consulting
  • Data processing system



A LEADING ARGENTINE COMPANY IN THE METALMECHANICAL FIELD, recognized for the production of a complete range of medium and high-power tractors, and solid road machinery. The force chosen by the majority to provide concrete solutions to growth and development of productive tasks -both agricultural and road- in the country.


Make work a way of constant improvement, which is achieved and shared as a team.


Add value to agricultural production chains and road infrastructure, offering products that stand out for their cost / benefit ratio, and thus contributing to progress and general well-being.


To be recognized in South America as a leading Argentine Company, which develops and produces machinery with its own innovative designs, adapted to the needs of its customers and markets.

Producing quality on par with each machine.

We are what we do every day, what we decide to do. And we decided to get it right. That is why we assume a permanent commitment to quality throughout our management. Because quality is pride, it is respect.

That is why we also chose to be a company certified by external entities of world recognition in quality standards, obtaining in 2012 the ISO 9001/2015 distinction.

This important achievement for all those who trust in the strength of a Pauny translates into benefits that continue to consolidate the choice of the majority: greater customer satisfaction, with certified quality products, lower costs for process optimization, better relationships between staff, customers and suppliers and demonstrable business credentials, which enable the opening to new markets.


GROSSPAL is an Argentine company dedicated to the manufacture of road equipment and agricultural machinery, which offers first-line products, great resistance, robust and reliable to face the diverse and changing current needs.

More than 30 years being the best positioned national product in the market and with the greatest resistance. Throughout more than 50 years, they have always bet on development and growth, becoming one of the main references in the center of the country.

Increasing productivity and reducing costs is the key.

Its team of professionals is always focused on the development of products, designed for greater efficiency, both in fuel consumption, durability of the systems and maintenance needs.

Design makes a difference.

They have a department specialized in the development of new products, designed to meet specific customer needs in an innovative and effective way.

Road Division

Innovation, research and development for more than 55 years, has made them pioneers in the market, implementing innovative solutions in machinery to optimize earthmoving and land leveling.

Agricultural Division

Efficient answers to complex problems. A set of technological solutions with the power to make the rural producer obtain the best energy and productive use of their products and the soil.


  • Graders
  • Pallas
  • Mowers
  • Brushcutters
  • Rakes
  • Roll conveyors
  • Disc harrows
  • Fertilizers
  • Hoppers
  • Quality politics.

    They have a Quality Management System, which guarantees efficiency in the management of the company.

  • Business Quality Policy.
  • IRAM Certificate: Quality Management System.


    At Mañez y Lozano S.L. they manufacture agricultural machinery, specifically they specialise in sprayers. They are the leading brand in their specialty in nacional sales, which is proven year after year over more than 20 years in the official register of agricultural machinery (Registro Oficial de Máquinas Agrícola ROMA).

    They are a company that has revolutionized the traditional and obsolete systems.

    The company Mañez Y Lozano Agricultural Treatments was formed in 1961 with the project of carrying out phytosanitary treatments on local farms. Due to the low performance of the sprayers of that time, Mañez Y Lozano designed their own equipment & manufactured the best specific pump on the market.

    Through years of work and hands on know-how in this specific line of products, and using their manufacture experience, Mañez y Lozano S.L Agricultural Machinery was formed in 1976.

    Their international expectations was kick started in 1989 with the integration of electronic systems in the turbo sprayers, pulverisers & spraying equipment, being the first European company to develop specific systems.

    In their facilities they have the latest advances in CNC control numeric machinery, performing the complete machining of the various pumps and elements of their machines.


    • Maximum quality
    • Great robustness
    • Safety & Reliable
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Efficient treatments
    • Wide range of equipment
    • Constant I+D+I studies
    • They respect the environment


    Fruits trailed sprayers
    Mega trailed sprayers
    Super trailed sprayers
    Mounted Atomizers
    Barras Intercepas
    Mandos Atomizadores
    Bombas Atomizadores


    Omar Martin, a family company with more than 25 years of renowned presence in the market, manufacturing Hydraulic Shovels and Backhoe Loaders, which year after year is expanding its coverage in other territories.

    Their policy entails providing top-of-the-line hydraulic shovels and backhoe loaders for even the most demanding of clientes, applying the very best materials, methods, and technology available.

    Year after year they renew their certification in ISO 9001:2015 STANDARDS;  backing up the quality of their equipments and aiming to reassure their clients of the work that they do.

    The three main pillars of their business: Responsibility, Transparency and Professional Ethics.


    They have a distribution and logistics system which allows to provide a fully customized installation and after sales service.

    Their technical assistance is provided by highly trained personnel equipped with the necessary tools and state-of-the-art technology to carry out the work in any part of the country.

    They have placed their teams throughout the Argentine territory, as well as in neighboring countries. All tractor brands have been provided by their shovels and backhoes; such as Agco Allis, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Case IH, Agrinar, New Holland, Fiat, TM Grossi, Same, …


    Front Loaders
    Backhoe Loaders
    Inverted Equipment
    Loader Attachments


    AT THE FOREFRONT OF AGRICULTURE, thanks to their excellent team,  their state of the art facilities, and their elaborate manufacturing process. All these characteristics let them adapt to their clients’ needs while keeping their standard of high quality.

    Grupo Iñesta is a Spanish business group made up of four brands spread over more than 35 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. All of them specialized in the formulation, manufacture and commercialization of special fertilizers. Thanks to the wide catalog of products offered by Alfredo Iñesta, HAF, TECA and Lombrico Garden, they are in a position to satisfy any need anywhere in the world regardless of the type of crop (always adapting to the current legislation of each country).

    Composts and organic fertilizers

    GrupoIñesta organic fertilizers and fertilizers offer the natural nutrients that your crop needs. They design and manufacture all their products based on organic, vegetable or mineral matter, so they are totally organic and natural.

    At GrupoIñesta they pay special attention to R + D + i, having their own modern laboratory in which they test new compounds to improve the range of products and obtain the best possible results in the field.

    They have fertilizers and fertilizers for all types of crops such as citrus, tomatoes or olive trees, among others. They also have rooting agents and other products for cultivation such as npk fertilizers.



    Fertilizantes Toro S.L. was born with the clear objective of making agricultural crops profitable to the maximum, obtaining an unbeatable quality in the final product and improving each of the cultivation processes.

    They know the needs of farmers and the problems of their day to day, so they can apply their knowledge to improve production processes by increasing the yield of their land.

    Research and development, the basis of its quality.

    To improve your crops. Fertoro makes a significant effort in R&D, thereby optimizing results. But this effort has to be continuous, for that reason they continue to investigate new formulas, new crops every day to be better prepared and to be more capable of combining modernity of research with the tradition of cultivating the land.

    International distributors. Fertoro has distributors in South America, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Cyprus.


    With more than 40 years in the citrus sector, PROVEFE S.A. is a dynamic company with a vocation for leadership, capable of adapting to the new demands of the food industry and new information technologies so their clients can benefit from the knowledge acquired throughout all these years.

    Their extensive technical team allows them to offer agricultural advice adapted to the particular needs of their clients. Their data processing system allows farmers to always know, in real time, the evolution of their farms and their crops.

    The new systems of agricultural production, the demands of consumers for having fruits free of pesticide residues and eco-friendly are always present in the selection of the crop protection products they recommend. Their goal is to offer quality services, to produce the fruit that consumers demand with adequate and controlled costs, maximizing the benefits for the agricultural farmers.

    For more than 10 years, they have been working in the control of pests and diseases of palm trees: Red Palm Weevil, Paysandisia archón, White Worm, Stem Borer and numerous fungal diseases that are controlled with the application of their techniques, getting healthy plants and fruits of high quality (Dates, Coconuts, Palm oil, etc.).


    Sospalm is a system designed exclusively for the control of pests and diseases in palm trees. Because of its low cost, ease of use, respect for the environment and the physiology of the palm tree, it is implanted in a large number of countries, where the palm tree is much more than an ornamental plant.

    Endotherapy is the best treatment for palm weevil.



    VASAKI IBÉRICA S.L. es una empresa española exportadora e importadora de fruta y verdura.

    VASAKI IBERICA LTD. is a Spanish company that exports and imports fresh fruits and vegetables. It was founded in 1960 by Mr. Andrés Del Vas Soto and it is located in a strategic point geographically, particularly in the southeast of Spain. Nowadays, they have three stalls in the regional wholesale food market “Mercamurcia” and five stalls in the fruit market in Lorca, all of them with their corresponding storage area and situated in the Region of Murcia. From the very beginning, Vasaki Iberica has committed to quality and traceability as pillars of its business model.

    They produce some of the fruits and vegetables that they commercialize.

    Vasaki Iberica collects the fruits and vegetables in the estates and then they sale the product on a commission basis. At Vasaki Iberica they offer supplies to wholesalers, cash and carry customers and retailers for fresh produce needs. Besides collaborating with transport agencies, they have their own vehicle fleet. All the produce they serve have the guarantee of quality and freshness, as well as all the phytosanitary certificates required by law.

    They are a leading company in the fruits and vegetables sector. Their team is made up of over 25 professional, highly qualified and experienced in the sector. Thanks to them, Vasaki Iberica is an outstanding and innovative company, with national and international presence and whose customers feel satisfied and confident working with them.


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