• R & D
  • State and private Industrial Projects Involvement
  • Joint- Ventures
  • Involvement in the development and implementation of new technologies and products
  • Conception, development, follow up and implementation (key ready)
  • After sales- customer services implementation
  • Customized services, developed hand by hand with local professionals



Maintaining pressure vessels since 1965

Ciprasa manages the integral maintenance and commercialization of pressure containers with periodic reviews, always establishing safety, innovation and versatility as essential pillars.

It is a leader in the pressure container maintenance sector and is trusted by the most important packaging companies.

  • Valve guard repair
  • Cutting and replacement of base rings
  • Polishing, sanding and painting of the containers
  • Replacement of handles or other defective elements
  • Heat treatment
  • Containers for transport
  • Base hoops
  • Handles for containers
  • Valve guard
  • Anticorrosive treatment
Storage Yard
1. Palletizers
2. Weigh
3. Valve Removal
4. Interior Washing
5. Hydraulic Pressure
6. Shot blasting
7. Primer
8. Painted
9. Thread Suitability
10. Pad printing
11. Valve Placement
12. Gas Filling
13. Tightness Test

Ciprasa, in its pressure container maintenance plants strategically distributed throughout the national territory, covers the maintenance and repair needs of all types of transportable, domestic and large capacity pressure equipment.

Ciprasa performs the review, periodic maintenance and, if necessary, the repair of more than 4 million bottles per year, including containers for domestic use and large-capacity containers.

In addition, it plans and executes the manufacture of machinery and the implementation of production lines, having carried out projects together with its internationally recognized partners.

Its engineers, with the technology that has been developed over the years, are capable of developing solutions adapted to each client and in each country in manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Ciprasa and its maintenance plants follow the highest quality standards in the maintenance and repair of metal pressure containers and are certified by the “Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Madrid” whith UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard. 


Indetruck is the direct heir to the first national brand in the manufacture of isothermal vehicles in Spain.

Indetruck's long history in the sector, provides knowledge in the construction of its refrigerated vehicles that responds to the most demanding transport demands.

The quality of its semi-trailers has been recognized by experts who have carefully analyzed all its parts.

Its reliability has been decisive for the take-off and export of the Spanish agri-food sector.


  • All Indetruck suppliers are the best on the market, both in materials and in components and accessories.
  • They offer a high-performance product above market standards and adapted to the needs of their customers.
  • Each production process is designed to guarantee the best resistance and functionality of their vehicles.
  • Each Indetruck semi-trailer has a 3-year warranty on chassis and van.

  • Products:
    • Semi-trailers on Sale
    • Refrigerated Semi-trailers
    • Rigid Semi-trailers

  • Maintenance and Repair Service for all types of Transporters.
  • Parts of Semi-trailers. Spare parts at any point in Europe in less than 48 hours.


Ecus, rest expertise. BEYOND COMFORT.

  • INNOVATION: Through innovation they can offer to customers fast, efficient and easy solutions to their real needs.
  • CUSTOMIZE: You are the customer and they follow your path. They adapt  their products to your needs and they can customize them as you need.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: New production processes and logistics with minimal environmental impact. They are always looking for new organic and sustainable materials.
  • TRANSPARENCY: They foster a clear and honest relationship with  their customers. They like to be transparent, to inspire trust in their customers. This way, all of us have something to win.

Five-star Contract Furniture

More than 1.150 hotels trust in Ecus to give to their guests a good experience. Easy to use, efficient and practical furniture guaranteed.


Mattresses designed to provide an exclusive feeling while we sleep. We feel refreshed and well-rested. The feeling we all want when we sleep in a hotel.


Discover what comfort means. The best hotels in the world already have Ecus products. Storage beds and extra beds provide a good experience at the hotel.


Design, comfort and functionality. These are the key elements to produce an outstanding sofa and armchair.


Mediterránea de Pinturas Plásticas S.L. is a company founded in 1989 after acquiring a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of tempera paints and the sale of tools for the painter.

It was born as a result of the existing needs in the paint sector of companies that provide suitable products for the treatment of surfaces and that advise professionals in the sector on technical issues.

The design, manufacture and distribution of plastic paints is the main activity of the company.

Own laboratory

It has its own laboratory that is dedicated to the research and development of new products and that maintains a rigorous quality control on all the products produced.

Exclusive products

It has an extensive catalog of exclusive paintings of its manufacture. They continually adapt to customer needs.

Compromise to quality

Its products comply with all regulations and are subjected to rigorous quality controls that ensure a perfect finish on any surface.

  • Matte Plastic Paint
  • Semi-matt plastic
  • Satin Paint
  • Special Paints
  • Facades Coatings
  • Waterproofing
  • Sports Paintings
  • New tendencies
  • Fixers

They adapt to the needs of the professional client, they work with painters, paint distributors, vertical work companies, construction companies, decoration and renovation companies ...

They have their own manufactured paints and exclusive formulation that allow them to offer exclusive advantages to professional clients.


50 YEARS CREATING FOR YOUR COMFORT. Since 1964 they manufacturing sofas and armchairs, Tapicerías Navarro has evolved with a firm step. From the beginning, the company values remain intact, which has led them to get a name and respect in the industry. They have become an undisputed referent in the market, their specialty is upholstered armchairs.  Their customers inspire their designs. The main idea is the comfort of the user.

Their production is governed by two basic principles and very strict: Quality and Respect for The Environment. 


The end user should receive just what he expected: comfort, good finishes, good materials, resistance, and all this without error and supported by a very refined management system for all of their years of experience. This expertise is the greatest value of their company. The company is ISO 9001 certified since 2008.

Respect The Environment

They strictly comply with current legislation on environmental matters. Their plant produces a minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem, with low emissions and efficient use of resources. Moreover, their products are manufactured to the highest possible ecological materials. In addition, all this to certify implemented a management system ISO 14001 since 2008.

Their company belongs to or participates in several organizations: ANIEME (National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain), Mueble de España, AREMA (Regional Association of Entrepreneurs of the wood of the Region of Murcia), CETEM (Technological Centre of the furniture and wood) and Feria Del Mueble de Yecla.

  • Recliner Armchairs: In Tapicerías Navarro, you will find a wide range of models in which plainness and comfortless combine to make you enjoy fully of a good armchair.
  • Fixed Armchairs.
  • Sofas
  • Footstools.
  • All kinds of armchairs, sofas and accessories for all kinds of facilities and communities: Hotels, Restaurants, Public Buildings, Hospitals, Geriatrics, Residences for the elderly, Centers for the elderly, Clinics, Sheltered Apartments…



Acúst Pro is a professional sound, lighting and audiovisual installation company that has more than 25 years of experience in the sector and has developed hundreds of reference installations over the years.

They are specialized in the development of sound, lighting and audiovisual equipment projects for different market sectors, offering a professional option to satisfy clients' needs while adjusting to their budgets.


  • They offer the client complete solutions for their project. Technical Advice, Consulting, Planning, Design and Development of the Project, as well as the supply of the necessary material and equipment, its installation and post-sale maintenance.
  • They carry out sound system projects in collaboration with Architecture and Engineering offices as a contribution to their industrial projects.
  • Integration in existing systems or design of new audio networks with Dante protocol.

Specialized in sound projects for any space regardless of its size. With prior advice on each project, using first-rate brands and materials.


Installation and certification of analog and digital acoustic limiters, compatible with regulations and approved for all activities that require it.


Installation and certification of analog and digital acoustic limiters for all activities that require it.


Professional audio installation integrating top brand sound equipment for all nightlife sectors such as discos, pubs, live rooms, karaoke.


Design and installation of professional lighting systems Dmx and Artnet. Compositions using Robotics and Digital Led with current proposals for decoration with Led.


Design and installation of professional lighting systems Dmx and Artnet. Compositions using Robotics and Digital Led with current proposals for decoration with Led.


Fashion & Retail: Shops and Clothing Stores.
Hostelry and Catering: Restaurants, Cafes and Musical Spaces.
Large Surfaces and Events: Events, Congresses and Auditoriums.
Discotheques and Nightlife: Discotheques, Pubs and Music Venues.
Sports Centers: Gymnasiums and Sports Centers.


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